Am I Experiencing Parental Burnout?

Are You Experiencing Parental Burnout?

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Parental burnout happens “when a parent has been exposed to too much stress in their parenting role for too long, in the absence of sufficient resources to compensate for the effect of stress”[1].

Parental burnout can affect all of us, when risks (or stressors) and resources (or protective factors) for parental burnout get out of balance.

The preconceptions that parental burnout affects only mothers, parents of young children or children with disabilities  or parents working full time are myths.

[1] Brianda M.-E., Roskam I. and Mikolajczak M. (2019) Comment traiter le burn-out parental, Manuel d’intervention clinique, p.11. Bruxelles: De Boeck.

If stressors overpower ressources in the balance, burnout results

Are you wondering if you’re facing the normal wear and tear of being a parent or experiencing parental burnout?

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Exhaustion is a feeling that can be experienced by any parent. On the one hand you can love your children deeply and be grateful for them, and on the other hand experience exhaustion in your role as a parent. These feelings do not rule each other out.

While research on parental burnout is still in its infancy, studies have shown that parental burnout affects between 8% to 36% of parents[3].

[2] Based on the Brief Parental Burnout scale (Aunola et al., 2021)

[3] Roskam, I. and Mikolajczak M.(2022), International Investigation of Parental burnout. Available at: (Accessed December 20, 2023)

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